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Confused Words Fix Up
Helps students master commonly misused English words - on the web!


Provides interactive lessons to help students master commonly confused and misused words

  • Each level covers 30 to 36 confused word pairs
    (or trios in some cases)
  • High interest material engage students of all ages
  • Explanations for correct answers whether responses are right or wrong
  • Students’ scores may be monitored while they work with an easy-to-use tracking tool

Designed for English language learners and older students, as well as pupils in upper elementary and secondary grades.

“Great for standardized test prep!”
– Hynes Middle School, Metairie, LA
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Confused Words Fix-Up Series:

Level 1: Skill levels 3 – 4, High Beginning English Language Learners
Level 2: Skill levels 5 – 7, Intermediate English Language Learners
Level 3: Skill levels 7 – 10, Advanced English Language Learners

  • A motivational format helps set achievable learning goals. All learners experience success
  • Students progress at their own pace. They receive personal help and feedback while they work
  • Instructors are able to track improvement and scores through an easy-to-use online management tool.

Students will …

  • Learn to recognize and correct common errors in word usage

Among the confused words covered:

Level 1: Basic
won/one, hole/whole, hear/here, right/write, chews/choose, wear/where

Level 2: Intermediate
its/it’s, teach/learn, accept/except, advise/advice, conscious/conscience, among/between

Level 3: Advanced
affect/effect, patience/patients, lie/lay, dissent/descent, differ/defer, rise/raise

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